Philips S1110/04 Shaver Series 1000 Dry Electric Shaver -
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Philips S1110/04 Shaver Series 1000 Dry Electric Shaver

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Product Features

  • Four target Flex head adapts easily to all the contours of your face and neck
  • System Close Cut edges designed to sharpen the blades themselves during shaving
  • Push-trimmer for the exact shape of a mustache and hair styling in the chop
  • Operation with cable for continuous shaving
  • LEDs indicate a full charge
  • Protective cover, cleaning brush included
  • Attractive design in black color
  • Easy maintenance

Fast, easy, comfortable and always perfectly smooth result - such as dry shave with this Philips shaver. Rotational movements Flex head razor blades reach into every fold of your face and smooth shave skin as in the neck and on the line of the jaw. The cutting edges Close Cut leaves face perfectly shaven, no scratches or signs of irritation. The blades are also designed to be self-sharpen during shaving, which makes the movement maximum maintenance-free matter! Practical precision trimmer simply modify the shape of a mustache or align the hair of sideburns.


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