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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

About this FAQ & Policies

What is a FAQ page?

Why is there a link in the product page to the FAQ page?

Are the answers given in the FAQ page considered your Store Policy?

I have a comment on the FAQ Page and/or Policy, can I contact you for more details?

About Gadgitechstore.com

Why should I buy from Gadgitechstore.com?

Who owns Gadgitechstore.com?

Does Gadgitechstore.com operate outside Lebanon?

Do you have a shop we can visit in Lebanon?

What are your opening hours?

How do I contact Gadgitechstore.com?

Why has no one replied to my message on Store Chat/Whatsapp or Facebook Chat?

What Social Media are you on?


Are your Products are 100% Original?

Are your Products Refurbished or Used?

Do you have stock of all items on the online store?

What is your Policy on Errors with Product Description/Specifications?

Do your products come with warranty?

Are you distributors for all the brands on Gadgitechstore.com?

Can I buy an item as a gift?

I could not find what I want on the Online Store?

Do you sell wholesale to Retailers & Other Online Stores?

What Brands do you distribute in Lebanon?

Which Retailers carry your products?

I found some of your products at Retailers not part of your network, how come?

Where do you source products for brands you do not distribute in Lebanon?


Do your prices include Delivery?

Do your prices include VAT?

Are prices fixed, can I get a discount?

Do you offer special volume/quantity pricing?

I found an item much cheaper elsewhere, can you fix the price?

Placing Orders

I like a product but how can I place my order?

I have a discount code, how do I use it?

I have a Gift Voucher, how do I use it?

Can I edit or cancel my order?

I do not have a Post Code/ZIP Code, what should I do?

Are there any additional/hidden charges?

I want to order a gift from outside Lebanon to someone in Lebanon, is that possible?

Can I order for an address outside Lebanon?

Can I get a quotation before placing an order?

Payment Methods

What are the Payment Options available at your Online Store?

Can I pay Cash on Delivery (COD)?

Can I pay for my Order by Credit Card?

Are my Credit Card details secure?

Do you save my Credit Card details?

If I pay by Credit Card and then change my mind on the Order or Item(s) are not available, what happens?

How long does it take to refund my Credit Card Payment if I cancel my order?

I placed an order by Credit Card and payment was processed but then my order was Cancelled, why?

I live abroad and planning to buy a gift for someone in Lebanon, can I pay by Credit Card from abroad?

Financing Orders / Applying for a Loan

Can I pay for my order in Installments?

What is the Minimum & Maximum loan amount can I apply for?

What are the conditions and documents needed to apply for the Financing Option?

Who will be Financing my Order?

What are the available durations for Loan Payments?

What is the interest rate charged & how much will I pay monthly for my order?

What documents would I need to sign if my loan is approved?

Do I need to have an Account with any specific Bank?

How do I place an order with the finance option?

What happens after I place an order using the Finance option?

How long will I need to wait before I know if my loan was approved?

My loan was approved, when will I get my delivery?

If Loan is approved will I get the money for the order in cash?

Where & how do I pay my monthly payments?

My Loan was rejected, Can Gadgitechstore.com intervene on my behalf with Money s.a.l.?

What happens to my order if my Loan is rejected?


What are the delivery charges?

How will you deliver my order and how long will it take?

Can I pick up my order from your office?

How can I track my order?

Can I have my delivery at a specific time?

What days do you deliver?


Do all your products carry a warranty?

What are the Warranty terms & Conditions?

Return & Exchange Policy

What is your Returns & Exchanges Policy?

Loyalty Program

Do you have a loyalty program?