ION Discover Drum USB
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ION Discover Drum USB

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  • Product Type: DJ Equipment
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Product Features

  • Brilliant for beginners, perfect for pros, discover drums lets you rock out in crystal clear stereo sound and comes with ION's Drum Rocker Logistix!
  • 26 different drum sets lets you change your style whenever, 49 different pattens for playing along with music, this is all you need
  • Warn the neighbours if you are using the powerful built-in speakers, alternatively use the AUX port and listen in private and total exclusivity
  • Learn easily and the fun way, the Discover Drums features a handy "learn by the lights" feature, you will be a pro in no-time!
  • Its compact, fun and designed for everyone the Discover Drums is perfect for music loves and enthusiasts a like.


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