Green Lion Relaxante Portable Massage Gun 2500mAh
Green Lion Relaxante Portable Massage Gun 2500mAh
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Green Lion Relaxante Portable Massage Gun 2500mAh

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Product Features:

The most popular equipment in the fitness sector at the moment is the massage gun. Dedicated sports and fitness lovers utilize portable massagers before and after workouts, on their days off, and whenever they get muscle pain.Why buy the Green Lion Relaxante portable massage gun? It is super effective for deep tissue messages as it has a super high RPM speed, and it’s versatile enough to have six adjustable massage speeds. it lasts up to 8 hours, which is way over industry standards. The packaging includes 4 separate massage heads that can help your fight by relieving any back pain, cervical spine, muscle rigidity, and body fat. Each massage head is specialized to relieve pain in specific parts of your body. Start recovery early with the Relaxante portable massage gun.

  • Ultra Deep Tissue Massager
  • High Speed
  • Long Battery life
  • Four Head Attachments
      Brand Name Green Lion
      Deep Tissue Massager
      Warranty 1 Year Warranty


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