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Click and Grow Experimental Plant Pods (3 Packs)
Click and Grow Experimental Plant Pods (3 Packs)
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Click and Grow Experimental Plant Pods (3 Packs)

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Product Features

The Experimental Plant Capsule contains an advanced version of our Smart Soil that will boost the sprouting and growth of any plant you want to experiment with, all you have to do is just add the seed of your chosen plant in the soil and click in the refill capsule.

Compared to ordinary potting soil, the Click & Grow Smart soil gives the seeds a much better germinating environment with more oxygen, water and nutrients. Experiment, enjoy, grow!

The Click & Grow Experimental Plant Capsule includes no GMOs, pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, plant hormones, or any other suspicious substances. Nature at its purest. With the Experimental capsule you truly can grow any plant at home.

NB! It doesn’t contain seeds.



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