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Beurer MP 41 Manicure/pedicure set
Beurer MP 41 Manicure/pedicure set
Beurer MP 41 Manicure/pedicure set
  • SKU: 57211

Beurer MP 41 Manicure/pedicure set

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  • Vendor: Beurer
  • Product Type: Personal Care
  • Product Purchase Points: 56
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Product Features

  • For professional nail and foot care
  • For well-cared hands and feet
  • With bright LED-light
  • Speed: 3.800 - 4.600 rpm +/-14%
  • 2 speed settings
  • Powerful mains operation with gear unit
  • Runs in clockwise/counter-clockwise direction
  • Incl. storage bag

7 high-quality sapphire and felt attachments :

  • Flame-shape cutter: For removing ingrown nails
  • Cylindrical cutter: Grinding and coarse smoothing of dried toenail surfaces
  • Felt cone: smoothing and polishing the edge of nails after filing as well as for cleaning the nail surface
    2 speed levels2 speed settings

    The product has 2 speed settings
    LED lightWith LED light

    The product is equipped with an LED light.
    Rotation Left-RightDirection of rotation

    Clockwise/anti-clockwise rotation
    7 attachmentsIncludes 7 high-quality attachments

    - Sapphire cone
    - Felt cone
    - Sapphire wheel (fine)
    - Sapphire wheel (coarse)
    - Flame-shape cutter
    - Cylindrical cutter
    - Sapphire callus sander


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