Belkin USB Type-C Car Charger with USB Type-C Cable
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Belkin USB Type-C Car Charger with USB Type-C Cable

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Product Features

  • Plugs into Vehicle Lighter Port
  • Charges USB Type-C Devices
  • Delivers 27W / 3A Charge
  • Built-In Surge Protection
  • Power Switching Controller
  • LED Power Indicator
  • 4' USB Type-C Cable Included

Charge your USB Type-C devices while you're on the go with the USB Type-C Car Charger from Belkin. This charger can power up all your compatible USB Type-C devices with up to 27W / 3A of power, allowing smartphones to charge up to 70 percent faster than conventional 5W chargers. Tablets, notebooks, wearables, and other USB Type-C devices also receive higher power delivery. The charger's compact design fits into your car's lighter port and has an LED indicator that lets you know your device is charging.

The car charger features built-in surge protection and a power switching controller to keep your device's safe. Furthermore, Belkin provides a $2500 Connected Equipment Warranty that covers your qualifying connected device in the event of damage. A reversible 4' USB Type-C cable is included for charging and data sync purposes.


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