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Stripy is always open to learning new things. You can read him a story or sing to him, and even do your homework with him by your side. Stripy loves going on car rides, so can take him with you and watch a movie or a cartoon through the special pocket.

On the way to a family dinner, or just a long car ride - at some point your kids will start repeating the question - "are we there yet?" This is the point where the Wise-Pet comes in handy - before all of you lose your patience, slip your mobile device into the special pocket, choose an app, and enjoy a peaceful car ride. Your kids can either hang it on the back of the seat and watch their favorite cartoon, or they can simply place it on their laps and play games until you arrive at your destination.

In order to use the Wise-Pet in the car, insert the plastic hook into its matching loop.Place the Wise-Pet with the strap on or below the head of the seat. Ensure that it is facing the child, and make sure that it is tightly secured. It is that simple! Now place the device inside the Wise-Pet and let your child play!

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