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Upixel Set of Pixels T-M004 720pcs
Upixel Set of Pixels T-M004 720pcs
  • SKU: T-M004

Upixel Set of Pixels T-M004 720pcs

$ 13.00 USD
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  • Vendor: Upixel
  • Product Type: Bags & Cases
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Product Features

  • 720 Extra Pixels for Upixel bags & products
  • Mixed colors 
  • Available in Small Pixels and Large Pixels.
  • Toxic free
  • Strong and durable
  • Waterproof polyester fabric
  • Silicon panel & pixels

A set of pixels from selected pictures is a great solution for the first time when getting acquainted with pixel art. And most importantly, of course, no restrictions, you once collected each of the five drawings, and then it’s your imagination’s turn.  Check your product to determine the correct Pixel size needed.


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