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Sudio TVA Earphones - Gadgitechstore.com
Sudio TVA Earphones - Gadgitechstore.com
Sudio TVA Earphones - Gadgitechstore.com
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Sudio TVA Earphones

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Product Features


Sudio TVÅ - For All Types of Smartphones and Tablets.

TVÅ has an extremely light weight construction, making the earphones easy and comfortable to wear. The earphones, despite its light weight construction, drives a powerful 14.2 mm dynamic driver which is perfectly tuned for music lovers.


The 10,2 mm driver has been tuned to deliver extremely clear tunes with a natural bass. With VASA, you are able to hear every instrument in your favourite songs, just as if you were inside the recording studio.


  • TVÅ Earphones
  • Owner’s Manual & Quality Assurance Card
  • Genuine Leather Carrying Case
  • Metal Clip


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