Segway Ninebot ONE S2
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Segway Ninebot ONE S2

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Product Features

  • Gyropod with unique control system
  • Safe to use in any weather and on various terrains
  • Bluetooth connectivity for remote control use via smartphone app
  • Modern compact design that lets you express your creativity
  • Dual high-capacity battery
  • Colorful backlighting - Ninebot app
  • Smart battery management

Ninebot by Segway® ONE S2

The Ninebot One S2 is a unique personal transportation vehicle created by Ninebot and Segway. The Ninebot One S2 is characterised by its unique controls, extensive connectivity and compact rounded body. The gyropod can be used on any road. It can easily cope with rough terrain, go in reverse and it is resistant to all types of bad weather. Its gyroscopic mechanism helps you maintain balance and ensures your safety. Control it by shifting your body; your movements are transmitted to the gyropod, which then reacts accordingly.

Bluetooth connectivity

A great feature is the Bluetooth connectivity that enables remote control use via your smartphone and a smartphone application. You can monitor your trip data, perform diagnostics or set various parameters anywhere and anytime. For example, you can use your smartphone to set the gyropod’s maximum speed, so you can be sure that your child does not ride too fast. The smartphone app also lets you select various light and colour effects, so you can change your style when you ride to keep things interesting.

Original design bursting with individuality

The Ninebot boasts a modern design with clean lines and smooth surfaces that you can decorate to match your style. Use your imagination and use stickers or paint to create a one of a kind design. The gyropod is equipped with a high-capacity battery on both sides, which gives it its remarkable 30km range. With BMS smart battery management, the gyropod can safely operate for long periods of time, and after it discharges, simply recharge it again. It is also very lightweight, so it can easily fit into the boot of your car.


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