Qushini Candle Humidifier Pink
Qushini Candle Humidifier Pink
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Qushini Candle Humidifier Pink

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Product Features

CANDLE diffuses a cool fine mist for a comfortable living space in order to prevent dry air and thirsty skin. CANDLE humidifies the air of your living space and reduces the level of dust and bacteria. You can also add your favorite essential oil in the water to relax yourself and to help you to sleep better.

  • Heavy mist design with ultra-complete design, long lasting 8 hours hydrated.
  • Candlestick - USB design night light humidifier, 360 degree circulation atomization, no wet table
  • Ideal to also hydrate home decoration. Automatic shutdown protection without water.
  • Humidification range from 10 to 20 m2, enjoy the humidity of the private space.
  • 5. Polymer atomization technology, zero radiation, pregnant women, children can use.


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