Promate ProLink4K1-150 High Definition Right Angle 4K HDMI Audio Video Cable
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Promate ProLink4K1-150 High Definition Right Angle 4K HDMI Audio Video Cable

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Product Features

  • 30AWG Copper Conductors, Triple Shielding and Gold-Plated ensures that the cable does not snap easily
  • Specially designed for easy access to those awkward places where it’s really hard to reach the HDMI sockets.
  • With a bandwidth of greater than 10.2 Gbps, This HDMI cable provides a smooth and effortless experience for connecting your HDMI enabled device to your HDTV, 4K/Ultra HDTV, or any other HDMI-enabled display.
  • Gold-plated, corrosion-resistant deliver optimal signal transfer with lower distortion at the point of contact.
  • When you connect two devices with different HDMI standards, they will automatically find the best available connection.
  • This High-Speed HDMI Cable quickly connects a wide range of HDMI devices. Use it to connect home-entertainment, or gaming device to a big-screen HDTV, large projector, or computer monitor

Tight spaces are always a problem when connecting your HDMI® cable. proLink4K1-150 saves time and efforts in your cable setup! This 90-degree HDMI® cable gives you the flexibility you need without risking bending your HDMI® cables excessively, which may damage the cable or even worse the ports on your expensive equipment. The bend on the cable will help ease the strain at the point of connection to eliminate damage to the HDMI® ports on your television and other devices.


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