Promate MasterHub-2 High-Speed Data Transfer 7-Port USB Hub
Promate MasterHub-2 High-Speed Data Transfer 7-Port USB Hub

Promate MasterHub-2 High-Speed Data Transfer 7-Port USB Hub

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Product Features

  • There are 7 USB Data Transfer Ports, which makes it very easy to connect Multi USB devices to your PC, laptop simultaneously, such as a keyboard, mouse, card reader, mobile HDD, webcam, mp3 players, Oculus, etc. And this USB hub comes with 1 Meter Built-in cord, enough length for you to arrange your cables.
  • As increasing amount of tech gadgets, a powerful USB hub is in needed, the Promate MasterHub-2 USB3 hub built-in DC 5V port, and comes with a 5V/2A power adapter, easily to connect external power supply when connecting multi USB devices
  • Simply plug-in MasterHub-2 into your MacBook and Laptop with the USB Port and enjoy seamless connectivity. Allow easy connection for existing devices, such as a hard drive, mouse, keyboard or printer. Small and compact, with a tethered USB cable, the hub is an ultimately portable and comprehensive peripherals solution.
  • This 7 port USB hub built-in on and off switches with led indicators for each port, being able to turn on or off the separate USB port without unplugging the equipment, blue LED lights let you know the working status easily, each switch remembers the on/off config
  • Easily Add 7 USB 3.0 Super speed ports to your PC. This Promate MasterHub-2 allow data to move quickly between devices, ideal for high-throughput devices such as USB hard drives, flash drives and USB video adapter.
  • Usually, to charge 7 devices, you would need 7 mains sockets. With just a single power source, you can create 7 USB charging ports for your devices, allowing you to charge all of your devices neatly and quickly.
  • With the newest line access plug, you won't have to worry about losing connection to your computer even by the slightest movement. With the line-tailed USB plugged-in, now the connection between this hub and your computer is much stable than ever.
  • The sturdy built-in cable reinforces the USB 3.0 interfaces, without slipping, falling out when on work. Built in over voltage, over current, leakage and short-circuit protection units protect your devices safe at any time.
  • This small USB hub save room, easy to carry in the luggage, built-in multi protection, endure years of use, plus USB ports have plenty of room between them for easy grasp, a good partner for travel, office, home and school


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