Philips BHS676 Vivid Ends Straightener
Philips BHS676 Vivid Ends Straightener
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Philips BHS676 Vivid Ends Straightener

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Product Features

  • With SplitStop technology
  • for split ends prevention
  • Ionic conditioning
  • Keratin infusion
  • Ceramic plates, 105mm long plates
  • UniTemp Sensor
  • Ionic Conditioning, Cool Tip
  • Keratin infusion for better care
  • Anti-Static Effect
  • Temperature Rane 130-230° C
  • More care with ionic conditioning for shiny, frizz-free hair
  • SplitStop Technology 
  • UniTemp sensor for beautifully styled hair with less heat
  • Ceramic coating for smooth gliding and damage prevention
  • 11 digital temperature settings
  • Extra wide plates (47mm) for long, coarse and thick hair
  • Heat up time 30 sec
  • Plate Dimension 47x75mm
  • Auto shut-off for safe usage

The Philips StraightCare Vivid Ends Hair Straightener BHS676 is the first straightener designed to protect delicate hair tips. SplitStop technology combines a UniTemp sensor with soft ceramic plates to respect hair health and avoid spiked tips, giving a healthier and brighter look. The Philips StraightCare Vivid Ends Hair Straightener BHS676 / 00 features iron lined with keratin, the substance responsible for making hair strong and healthy, giving greater hair protection. The built-in digital display allows you to choose from 11 available temperatures, with a maximum temperature of 230 ° C, allowing full control over hair styling. Also noteworthy for the ionic function, which eliminates static electricity and reduces crimping. To ensure user safety, the Philips StraightCare Vivid Ends BHS676 / 00 hair straightener automatically shuts off after 30 minutes of operation. Other features: auto power off; operating light; 47 mm plates; cable with 2 meters in length. Two-year warranty.


SplitStop Technology

Our secret to ultimate split ends prevention is the new SplitStop Technology. It is a unique combination of UniTemp sensor and our smooth ceramic plates to respect the health of your hair. The UniTemp sensor protects your hair from being exposed to unnecessary high heat and our styling plates guarantee minimal friction for ultimate split ends protection. The UniTemp sensor protects your hair from being exposed to unnecessary high heat by providing a more consistent styling temperature for improved performance: Get the same results with a 20°C lower heat setting. Create the perfect style with healthy-looking ends full of life.

Keratin infusion

Keratin is the hair's essential ingredient which makes them strong, healthy and gorgeous looking. The ceramic is enriched with keratin to even better take care of your hair

Ionic Conditioning

Charged negative ions eliminate static, condition the hair and smooth down the hair cuticles to intensify the hair's shine and glossiness. The result is smooth, frizz-free hair with vibrant shine.

Digital Temperature Settings

Digital display with 11 temperature settings up to 230°C gives you absolute control to adjust temperature to your hair type for damage prevention. This straightener has a fast heat up time, being ready to use in 30 seconds.

Ceramic Plates

The smooth ceramic-coated plates prevent damage to your hair during styling with smooth gliding. The straightening plates have an extra width of 47mm, especially designed for faster and easier straightening for thick and coarse hair.


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