Parrot Swing Drone -
Parrot Swing Drone -
Parrot Swing Drone -
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Parrot Swing Drone

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  • Hybrid Quadcopter / Airplane Design
  • Vertical Takeoff / Landing
  • 19 mph Top Speed in Plane Mode
  • Perform Aerobatics, Flips, Rolls, 180s
  • Quad Mode Offers Increased Stability
  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE Wireless Interface
  • Control with FreeFlight Mini App
  • Flypad Controller for Tactile Control
  • 200' Range When Using Flypad
  • Includes USB Chargeable Flight Battery

The Parrot Swing Minidrone is a fast RC drone that can be piloted with surprising ease. It's also one of the first remote controlled planes that come enhanced with an autopilot as well as a vertical landing and take off mode. Offering ultraprecise controls, you can pilot this drone like a pro. Its alien ship like X shape provides you with two drones in one. To gain speed, just tilt the Parrot Swing Minidrone! The more you lean, the faster you go. If you wish to fly even more quickly, activate the Boost Mode and become even harder to catch. Turn the sky into an unbelievable race track with the Swing Minidrone by Parrot.


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