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Parrot MAMBO Drone

Parrot MAMBO Drone

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Pilot & Play 

New design, new gameplay, new connected accessories 

Discover Parrot Mambo, from our line of Minidrones designed to learn piloting small easy and robust drones. Parrot Mambo is the social drone that makes you interact with your friends and your environment with remoted accessories. 

It’s time to Pilot & Play. 

Minidrone at its best ! 

Parrot Mambo can be flown indoors and outdoors, alone or with friends, and is easily controlled with either the Parrot Flypad controller, a smartphone, or a tablet. Parrot Mambo, with high-tech sensors and software, is one of the most stable quadcopters on the market. Launch your Parrot Mambo from your hand with a unique "free fall" take-off system. Do amazing acrobatics (back/front/side flips) and take nice pictures of your adventures. 

Pilot to interact with your world 

Parrot engineers added a unique system to control fun accessories. Play with your friends, with other drones, or with your environment. 

Shoot soft balls and transport things while flying. An all new set of tools to develop your piloting abilities. 

One accessory for every new adventure. 

CANNON (Up to 2 m) 

  • 6 shot capacity • Aim at strategic targets • Shoot Soap bubble 
  • Destroy a Cup Pyramid 
  • Soft impact guaranteed 

GRABBER (Up to 4gr) 

  • Drop sugar in your coffee 
  • Feed your dog 
  • Transmit your business card 
  • Dance the Limbo with your friends 

Plug the accessory, and control it easily from your smartphone or your Parrot Flypad, while piloting.  

Two piloting options: 

FreeFlight Mini app: dedicated to Parrot MiniDrones

  • Free application on your store
  • Bluetooth Smart Compatibility
  • Intuitive interface, easy first connection
  • Parameter and control your drone 

Parrot Flypad: High precision controller 

  • Optimized range: 200 ft / 60 m
  • Control your drone directly
  • Smartphone optional (for more settings and information on drone)
  • 6h autonomy/ 2h charging time 

Technical Specifications 

Stabilization sensors: 

Inertial Measurement Unit to evaluate speed, tilt and obstacle contact (3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope) 

Vertical stabilization:

  • Ultrasound sensor (measures below 13 ft / 4m altitude)
  • Pressure sensor 

Horizontal stabilization

  • Camera sensor 


  • 550mAh LiPo Battery
  • 8 min autonomy with accessory connected or bumper
  • 9 min autonomy with neither accessory nor bumper/
  • 30 min charging time with a 2.1A charger 

Aeronautical design: 

  • Stabilization and flight control software
  • Optimized weight/speed ratio
  • Structure in Polyamide and Polypropylene

Speed measurement: 60 FPS vertical camera
Camera: 300,000 pixels Dronies
Parrot USB connection: Patented system to connect remoted accessories on drone
Bluetooth range: Bluetooth V4.0 BLE connection 65 ft / 20 m with smartphone 200 ft / 60 m with Parrot Flypad
Weight: 2.22 oz / 63g without bumpers or accessories
Dimensions: 7.1 x 7.1 in. / 18 x 18 cm with bumpers
OS compatibility: iOS 7 and up / Android 4.3 and up
SDK: OS Linux. SDK available on 


  • 6 balls magazine
  • 1 shot every 1.5 seconds
  • Mechanical propulsion unit
  • Soft impact
  • 0.24 in. / 6mm balls
  • Shoot straight up to 6.5 ft / 2 m 


  • Timer system to open and close Grabber
  • Two positions: open/closed
  • Best position to catch objects: below the drone
  • Opens when crash is detected
  • Catch up to 0.15 oz / 4g objects 


  • x1 CANNON
  • x4 BUMPERS
  • x1 USB CABLE
  • x1 BATTERY
  • x1 GRABBER
  • x1 SNAP 


One Year Warranty if bought Online from with FREE Delivery in Lebanon. 


For availability contact us on whatsapp us on 03676330.

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