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Moulinex Double Force FP824H10 1000W Food Processor
Moulinex Double Force FP824H10 1000W Food Processor
  • SKU: FP824H10

Moulinex Double Force FP824H10 1000W Food Processor

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Product Features

  • With DoubleForce multifunction food processor, there's no need to choose between speed and force!
  • Thanks to two different motor outputs, the food processor provides the best of both worlds.
  • Equipped with 1,000 W of power, a 3L main bowl and 2L blender jar, plus a total of six speed options, DoubleForce handles all kinds of preparations, from the smallest to the largest.
  • Featuring a comprehensive set of attachments, DoubleForce is your all in one food processor for grating, slicing, chopping, kneading, whipping and more.
  • Plus, with its exclusive EasyLock system, locking the lid has never been easier.
  • Elegant yet sturdy, DoubleForce is your perfect ally in the kitchen!

Spinning force or speed in a food processor: why choose?

DoubleForce is my successful duo in the kitchen with two motor outputs providing optimal working speed and spinning force to the operated bowl. With a variety of programs and tools this high-performing, sturdy and elegant all in one food processor is designed to successfully cater to all your daily preparation needs.


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