Mill 1500W Oil Radiator JA1500
Mill 1500W Oil Radiator JA1500
Mill 1500W Oil Radiator JA1500

Mill 1500W Oil Radiator JA1500

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Product Features

  • Design : This Mill Oil radiator embraces its upgraded design and its elegant aluminum feet, which distinguish it from traditional oil-filled radiators.
  • Heating elements : Forget about dry air. The heating elements in this Mill Oil radiator are enclosed, preventing them from being in direct contact with the surrounding air, so you get a comfortable indoor climate. You can choose from three power levels: 600/900/1500 watts.
  • Safe : Overheat protection and tip-over switch increases the safety of using this radiator significantly.
  • Handle : Place this radiator wherever you want. Thanks to handy handles, you can easily move it around, thus heating the various rooms in the house when you're in them.


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