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Leifheit Standing dryer Pegasus 150 Solid Slim
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Leifheit Standing dryer Pegasus 150 Solid Slim

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Product Features

  • At only 55 cm wide, the small laundry dryer fits through any doorway
  • Parallel legs ensure the dryer stands stable for use inside and outside
  • Side drying wings at 105 cm high make it ideal to dry longer items of laundry
  • Dryer can be folded up and stored to save space
  • Includes 2 holder clips to easily and quickly hang small items without using pegs, e.g. socks or underwear
  • 15 metres of drying line offers lots of space for drying laundry
  • 5-year guarantee

The standing dryer Pegasus 150 Solid Slim offers totally practical drying comfort. With its foldable side wings it offers much space for large and small laundry, while small laundry items like socks can be hanged space saving on the holder for small items. Because it is only 55 cm narrow it goes even unfolded through every front or balcony door. This is particularly practical in case of a sudden shower of rain. With its two non-slipping supporting legs it stands sheltered from the wind and sturdy, whether on the balcony, in the garden or on smooth floors. The two side wings expand the drying length of altogether 15 m. Nearly two loads of laundry can be dried at the same time. Long laundry items have space on the 1,05 m high wings. Pegasus 150 Solid Slim is equipped with two holders for small items, which can be fixed on the side of the standing dryer. There, socks, handkerchiefs and pants can be hanged without laundry pins, simply clamp in, finished. After the use the dryer can be stored flat. It is completely rust proof.


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