Leifheit Standing Dryer 81620 Pegasus 160 Solid Slim
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Leifheit Standing Dryer 81620 Pegasus 160 Solid Slim

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Product Features

  • Accessories: 2x small laundry holder, called EASY Clip
  • drying surface (cord length): 16 m = 2 laundry washing machines
  • folded dryer size: 94.5 x 55 x 7 cm
  • side height: 107 cm
  • weight: 3.75 kg
  • material: metal / plastic
  • Color: WHITE / BLUE
  • EAN: 4006501816207
  • extended warranty period: 5 years

The universal folding clothes rack PEGASUS 160 Slim is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Suddenly it can hold up to 2 scrubbers. It is highly durable, stable and you can count on it for years to come.

PEGASUS 160 Solid Slim is a folding clothes rack that can be used by any medium-sized household. The dryer has 16 meters of drying surface and can accommodate up to two scrubbers. You can build it both at home and in the garden, terrace or balcony. Pegasus Solid Slim Dryer Resists Weather Conditions - Does Not Corrod.

With anti-slip stabilizing feet at the ends of the folding legs, the dryer will stand firm even in moderate wind or on a polished floor. Its greatest advantage is its width. It is easy to walk through every balcony door, which is especially useful for sudden rain. The dryer is lightweight and easy to handle, so you can easily move it with hanging clothes. The practical folding arms with raised sides are used to hang long pieces of clothing. On the other hand, two EASY Clip holders are perfect for drying socks or underwear. If you do not dry any laundry, simply fold the dryer flat to save valuable space.


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