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Kenwood Microwave Oven MWL311
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Kenwood Microwave Oven MWL311

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Product Features

  • 30 Litres with Grill
  • Child Safety Lock
  • Digital Control
  • 900 Watts Microwave Power
  • 1100 Watts Grill Power
  • Glass Turntable
  • Metal Grill
  • Audible Signal
  • Quick Start
  • Stainless Steel
  • Microwave Oven with Grill


The Kenwood MWL311 Microwave Oven features a 900W power microwave and 1100W power grill for faster and better cooking. The auto cook program has eight preset programs, five power levels, two combination levels, a defrost setting, and a 95 minute preset timer for your convenience to cook an array of delicacies like fish, meat, vegetables and pasta by just making a few settings and pressing a few buttons.

Kenwood Microwave Oven Stainless Steel With Grill [MWL311]


As this Kenwood microwave oven and grill features dual functionality, you can cook delicacies either way according to your food preferences for the day. You can use glass turntable when you want to go for microwave cooking or go for the metal grill when you want to treat yourself or family with some roasted or delicious grilled meals. Moreover, the 30L capacity helps you cook huge meals in lesser time.

Kenwood Microwave Oven Stainless Steel With Grill [MWL311]


No matter what you cook or where you cook, the one of the first and foremost things to take care of is child safety. The digital buttons of this Kenwood microwave oven are easy and safe to use. When you set your food to cook in the oven, you can handle other chores in a carefree way by turning on the child safety lock. The audible signal is an add on feature that lets you know your food has been cooked.


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