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Kenwood Can Opener White CO600
Kenwood Can Opener White CO600
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Kenwood Can Opener White CO600

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Product Features

  • Automatic can opener with integral knife sharpener and bottle opener
  • Soft-touch rubber handle grip
  • Lid-retaining magnet prevents lid from falling into can after opening
  • Automatic start/stop--the blade starts cutting with a light push of the lever
  • Opens all sizes of cans, up to 1.2 kg

      Save time and trouble with a Kenwood tabletop can opener.

      About the Can Opener CO600

      This smart, all-white can opener does more than make it quick and easy to open cans of soup, fruit and vegetables.

      3 in 1 Can Opener - CO600


      The Can Opener CO600 will open cans of all shapes and sizes up to 1.2kg. It also features a handy knife sharpener and a built-in bottle opener.


      The sharp, removable blade comes away for easy cleaning and the non-slip feet holds the can opener firmly on your worktop. The unit comes with a place to store extra cord, preventing any trailing flex from getting in your way.


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