Joseph Joseph Egg Yolk Separator YolkCatcher™
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Joseph Joseph Egg Yolk Separator YolkCatcher™

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Product Features

  • Separate up to 6 egg yolks from their whites
  • Container base catches egg whites
  • Integrated egg cracker
  • Pouring spout
  • Flip lid for space-saving storage

Separate multiple egg yolks at once with this clever egg yolk separator. It not only separates the yolk from the white, it also has a collecting base to make it easy and mess-free

YolkCatcher™ allows you to quickly and easily separate the yolks from the white of up to 6 eggs at once, saving you valuable preparation time. It includes an integrated egg cracker and a collecting base to catch the egg white. Simply flip the lid after use for space-saving storage.


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