Joseph Joseph Soap Dispenser Pump Slim™
Joseph Joseph Soap Dispenser Pump Slim™
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Joseph Joseph Soap Dispenser Pump Slim™

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Product Features

  • Slimline, space-saving design
  • Large, easy-push pump head
  • Non-drip nozzle
  • Large capacity: 350 ml (12.3 fl oz)
  • wash and dry by hand

    Make the most of the space you have around your bathroom sink with this refillable slimline soap pump. This stylish, space-saving design takes up less room without compromising on capacity.

    Slim™ Soap Pump is cleverly designed to hold as much liquid soap as a regular soap dispenser, but takes up less space with its narrow design allowing more room for your other bathroom sink essentials.

    It features a non-drip nozzle to stop sticky soap residue building up below it and an easy-push pump head. Holding up to 350ml (12.3 fl oz) of liquid soap, this smart soap pump also has a handy fill-level window so you know when it needs refilling.


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