IRING Masstige Premium Package –
IRING Masstige Premium Package

IRING Masstige Premium Package

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Product Features


  • Versatile swivel grip
  • Vertical or horizontal kickstand capability
  • STIXX reusable, no-mess self-adhesive pad
  • Durable structure with polycarbonate plate

iRing is the simple accessory that both protects and displays your smartphone. Each iRing comes with one hook accessory.


  • Simple universal dock for iRing equipped smartphones
  • Durable high impact plastic
  • Hang on dashboards, walls, shelves, etc.

The iRing Hook is designed to allow hanging your iRing equipped phone in a car or on a wall.

Package Weight

iRing: 0.34 oz.

Hook: 0.4 oz


iRing: 1 3/8" W x 1 5/8" H x 1/4" D

Hook: 3/8" W x 7/8" H x 1/8" D

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