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Head Tennis Graphene XT Prestige MP Racket
Head Tennis Graphene XT Prestige MP Racket
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Head Tennis Graphene XT Prestige MP Racket

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Thanks to this new Prestige racquet line Graphene XT, will be hard to leave the playing field: with the technology More Power, has built the strongest and lightest material in the world in an even more strategic, to provide a more powerful redistribution of mass that will allow you to play even more fast and powerful and not be tired.

Legendary Prestige MP is a perfect blend of maneuverability and precision, which are the main qualities of this line. For about the optimum weight balance, hit with the racquet generates more kinetic energy; Therefore, with less effort, you get more power. With Increased Weight Swing system, the mass has been moved either toward the head and toward the handle of the racquet resulting better handling and more power.

With its 18/20 string pattern, the MP is an incredibly powerful racquet that can provide an almost perfect control and a high level of play; also it has a sophisticated design with an exclusive matte black frame covered with a carbon layer followed by the exclusive logo Prestige


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