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Head Tennis Graphene XT Extreme Pro Racket
Head Tennis Graphene XT Extreme Pro Racket
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Head Tennis Graphene XT Extreme Pro Racket

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It's very important for a racquet to perform well and help your game like you expect it too, but that doesn't mean aesthetics have to be ignored completely. The Head Graphene XT Extreme Pro Tennis Racquet gives you all the benefits of power that the Extreme is known for in a heavier, stiffer version!

The Extreme line has now been updated with Graphene XT technology which ultimately amounts to an ultra-light and durable frame. Graphene XT also allows players to get an increased swingweight and more power with less effort which makes this technology perfect for the already powerful Extreme line.

The Extreme MP is a maneuverable weapon that gives you the power to push your opponents back and give you an edge. It's older brother, the Extreme Pro has all the benefits but adds some weight and stiffness to give an extra bit of touch, power, and spin to your aggressive game. With the increase in Graphene material, all the attributes of this racquet have been given a finer touch adding to its power and feel. An ideal racquet for baseliners looking to control the game. Best for intermediate to advanced level players that enjoy controlling the game from the baseline and that utilize plenty of top spin.


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