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Head Tennis Graphene XT Extreme MPA Racket
Head Tennis Graphene XT Extreme MPA Racket
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Head Tennis Graphene XT Extreme MPA Racket

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Now with Graphene XT Technology, the Extreme MP A has a special combination of weight and balance that gives you extra power while still giving you the maneuverability you want. Newly innovative ASP (adaptive string pattern technology) which allows players to their choice between the 16x16 string pattern for more spin or the 16 x 19 string pattern for more control. This racquet features the use of Graphene - the world's lightest and strongest material that allows for an optimal redistribution of weight from tip to grip, producing increased swingweight without sacrificing maneuverability, for more penetrating shots. Head has kept the specifications of the Graphene XT MP A similar to that of Graphene Extreme MP, offering a 100 square inch head, wider 24/26/23mm tapered beam, standard 27 inch length, and 11.2 oz. strung weight. Slightly rounded head shape as used on past generations of Extremes for improved spin potential.


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