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Gorenje 1.5L Kettle K15DWE
Gorenje 1.5L Kettle K15DWE
Gorenje 1.5L Kettle K15DWE
Gorenje 1.5L Kettle K15DWE
  • SKU: K15DWE

Gorenje 1.5L Kettle K15DWE

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Product Features

  • Rotation in all directions ensures easy access from all sides. No tangling of wires, at any moment, on each side you have easy access to the device
  • Double walls provide better insulation, which keeps the water temperature longer and does not increase the temperature of the immediate surroundings. Thanks to the double walls, the kettle works even more quietly without compromising our comfort while cooking water.
  • The power cord is connected to the power base so you can freely use the pitcher without restrictions. Pour water over or fill the cups with water freely and without any tangled cables.
  • Thanks to the protection against work without water and overheating, our devices will not cause any problems during use. Each time the kettle will turn off if it reaches 100°
  • The kettle will automatically switch off if the switch-on is accidental and there is no water in the middle or the temperature will exceed 100 ° C.


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