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Godox TC800-C 800W Studio Flash Light
Godox TC800-C 800W Studio Flash Light
  • SKU: TC800-C

Godox TC800-C 800W Studio Flash Light

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Product Features

  • A completes solution including everything: flash heads, light stands, softbox, umbrella, barndoor kit, remote, sync line, standart reflector and carrying bag.
  • 150W modeling lamp is adjusted in proprotion to flash power output
  • Smiple interface, convenient rear control panel, easy-to-use design
  • 5A fuse protects the flash unite from high voltage, spare fues is included in fuse holder
  • Rapid recycling time at 0.4-2 sec, maintaining stability
  • Integral refector, designed to maximise power efficiency
  • An audible flash ready alar lets you know when your flash unit is fully charged and ready to go
  • One year warranty is offered
  • OEM/ODM is OK
  • Protective Cap for the flash head is available


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