Fifa 16 Standard Edition (PS4 Game) –
Fifa 16 Standard Edition (PS4 Game)

Fifa 16 Standard Edition (PS4 Game)

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Take your shot at glory in an exciting soccer experience That lets you play your way. Create more times of Messi-like magic than ever before with Increased control in midfield and the freedom of movement to help unlock the stubborn Most of backlines. And with officiellement licensed clubs, more authentic kits and players, all your favorites are ready for the big game.

Whether you're pinging it around in classic gold FIFA modes stepping over to the world the groundbreaking internship with inclusion of 12 international women's teams, do your talking on the pitch and tackle the best across the globe with friends or rivals contre online.

Build a legendary squad from the best football stars of all time, in FIFA Ultimate Team. Join an online community of more than 15 million fans to buy, trade and sell players. Sign up to throw down contre your friends' teams or compete in solo single player tournaments - with player stats, scores and team standings updated every week to give your experience fresh legs long before the final whistle.


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