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Falez Florabike Decorated Granitec 9Pcs Set
  • SKU: HUR-A-15167

Falez Florabike Decorated Granitec 9Pcs Set

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Product Features

  • 4.00 mm forged aluminium porceline enamel coating outside grainstone coating inside glass lid.

This cookware set is made from a material that helps provide heat conductivity without any hot spots. Thanks to the non-stick ceramic enamel coating, this cookware set is scratch resistant and easy to clean. This cookware comes with a tempered glass lid (except for the fry pan) that makes viewing food convenient. Base with great heat conduction for fast energy saving cooking. Even heat distribution throughout the entire base avoids hotspots and local burning of foods. This cookware set will inspire you in the kitchen and make every day cooking a joy. Ergonomic handles make lifting and transferring the pot more convenient. Definitely a great investment for your kitchen needs.


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