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Electrolux Vaccuum Cleaner ZSC69FDT

Electrolux Vaccuum Cleaner ZSC69FDT

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Product Features

  • Watts Power 2200
  • Cord Length 7m
  • Action Radius 11m
  • Tube Telescopic Stainless Steel with Interlocking
  • Bent end Standard with air valve and hook
  • Dust Capacity 4L
  • Filter Washable HEPA H12
  • Nozzle Floor Dust Pro
  • Color Ebony Black
  • Crevice nozzle
  • Upholstery nozzle with plush plates
  • Clip on handle
  • Turbo nozzle KC
  • Feather duster on board

Electrolux super cyclone cleaner is a compact and easy to use home cleaning appliance. This vacuum cleaner comes with a HEPA filter that traps even the tiniest dust particle. The Electrolux ZSC69FDT Super Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner is a sophisticated vacuum cleaner that gets rids your house of dust with dexterity. This vacuum cleaner is compact and easy to use. The long telescopic tube attached to it offers immense freedom of movement and helps you reach the tightest spaces with significant ease. This Electrolux vacuum cleaner weighs a mere 3.03kg and is almost effortless to handle. Use this cyclone vacuum cleaner on hard floors and clean your house in a matter of few minutes.


The ZSC69FDT Electrolux super cyclone cleaner comes with different nozzles for various uses and needs. These nozzles are a dust magnet floor nozzle, turbo pet hair nozzle, and hard floor nozzle. This Electrolux vacuum cleaner consumes 2200W of power and ensures that every corner of your house is spick and span. The HEPA filter attached to this cyclone vacuum cleaner traps harmful particles such as pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and even tobacco smoke. Once done, you can even wash the filter before using it for the next session.


The Electrolux ZSC69FDT Super Cyclone vacuum cleaner is equipped with an AeroPro aluminum telescopic tube with a handle that gives immense freedom of movement. While its wheels further make it easy for you to drag the appliance around without breaking a sweat. The durable bumpers on the body of this vacuum cleaner keep it safe from any damage that can be caused due to accidental bashes against the walls.


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