Electrolux Built-in Electric Hob EHF6240XOK
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Electrolux Built-in Electric Hob EHF6240XOK

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Product Features

  • Touch-control
  • Controls position: Front Right
  • Illuminated controls
  • Left front zone: Hilight, 2300W/210mm
  • Left rear zone: Hilight, 1200W/145mm
  • Middle front zone: No,
  • Middle rear zone: No,
  • Right front zone: Hilight, 1200W/145mm
  • Right rear zone: Hilight, 1800W/180mm
  • Child safety lock function
  • Hob safety: Automatic Switch Off
  • Acoustic signal
  • Residual heating indicator: 7 Segments
  • Easy installation thanks to snap-in system
  • Main colour: Black
  • FREE delivery and installation across Lebanon

Compact and clear controls for more space for cooking: These touch controls are designed to be as compact as possible, without sacrificing readability, giving you more space to get creative when you’re cooking.

Direct access to all your controls – thanks to the on- hob panel: This hob’s controls are designed so that you can always access them straight away. Just reach over and make your adjustments.

Always know exactly which zone is still hot: With this hob, you always know exactly which zones are still hot, thanks to the residual heat indicators, which cleverly reveal where the heat is.

Protect your children from unintentionally switching on the hob: This hob has a clever child lock that prevents your children from unwillingly activating any of the zones. Switch it on with one touch.

The wipe-down surface: The ceramic glass surface of this hob is so easy to clean. A simple wipe, and you are done.

The versatility to install your hob anywhere you want to: Because this hob is independent, you have way more flexibility to install it wherever you want to. Choose the location that suits your cooking style.


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