Dotz Cord Guides 4 Pieces -
Dotz Cord Guides 4 Pieces -
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Dotz Cord Guides 4 Pieces

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Cord Guides

If you have a networked office in the home, USB cords with chargers snaking from outlet to device, speakers wired from a home theater system, computer cords and phone lines in the office or just regular electrical cords running from wall to lamp or appliance, you’ve got a lot of tangled mess on your hands. Cord Guides track up to two cords, cables or wires with built-in, flexible rubber channels to hold any home or office cord. A 3M brand, permanent, peel & stick adhesive pad secures each to the top, along the side or underneath a smooth, clean, desk, table, wall or baseboard surface to route the cords for tangle-free, organized spaces. Packed in sets of 4. Available in white or black.


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