Twistshake 6in1 Baby Food Processor
Twistshake 6in1 Baby Food Processor
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Twistshake 6in1 Baby Food Processor

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Product Features

  • Steam cooking - Steam cooking fruit, vegetables, meat and other products.
  • Crush - Easily crush your favorite foods to prepare the puree or smoothie you want.
  • Warm up - Use it as a bottle warmer for breast milk or milk powder and your homemade purées. It also serves to reheat food.
  • Sterilize - Keep everything clean! Sterilize baby bottles and pacifiers.
  • Keep warm - Keep baby food and bottle warm for a set time.
  • Descaling - Automatic decalcification system by pressing a button.

Our food processor is the perfect choice with which to quickly and easily replace all other kitchen equipment. With it you can do everything you want in relation to the food of your children and family.

These are all the advantages you could wish for in a multifunctional kitchen equipment:

• Easy to understand and use
• Easy to clean
• You can prepare different dishes at the same time
• Easy to set the correct and constant temperature for each purpose
• Crush, heat and steam cook your food and sterilize utensils will be very simple

Let our food processor do the work for your children, so you can concentrate on other things you need to do in the meantime.

You must read the instruction manual carefully before using it.


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