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Cluedo - Lost in Vegas Board Game
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Cluedo - Lost in Vegas Board Game

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Product Features

Cluedo Lost in Vegas Board Game - Adult Fun Party Game
It's an adult party version of the classic Clue board game.
Seven friends reunite for a weekend in Vegas, but someone had a little too much fun. Only 6 of you wake up in a disheveled hotel room on Sunday morning. What happened to Buddy? Your only clues about his whereabouts are a few snapshots from the night before.
Players have to figure out: who was the last person to see Buddy, where they left him, and what they were doing. Eliminate the suspects and discover the who, where, and what to solve the mystery.
Buddy could have been with handsome Jack Violet, charismatic Ava Carmine, forgetful Nathan Jade, or someone else entirely. Can you find Buddy in time to make your 4pm flight home?

  • One murder ... six suspects, can you be the ultimate detective?
  • The player to solve the mystery before time runs out wins!
  • Change things up on game night with the clue what happened last night?
  • Lost in the Las Vegas board game. It is also a fun party game for adults.
  • From 8 years. For 2-6 players.


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