Casio DR-140R-WE Printing Calculator
Casio DR-140R-WE Printing Calculator
Casio DR-140R-WE Printing Calculator
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Casio DR-140R-WE Printing Calculator

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  • Vendor: Casio
  • Product Type: Stationary
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 Product Features

  • World's first printing calculator with front lumineous display panel, next-generation dr printing calculators: Save time, easy to use, easy to view
  • Improve work efficiecy with powerful functions: Reprint / after print function (print multiple copies of the calculation history / print the calculation history later even in print off mode)
  • Change function (allows easy caluclation of payment amount and change), useful functions (item counter and averages, cost / sell / margin calculations, 4-key independent memory
  • Mark up / mark down, tax calculations, total and grand total calculation), regular percent, line printing, tax calculation, key rollover, 3.5 line-per-second printing, 2-color printing


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