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Canon ET-120B Lens Hood
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Canon ET-120B Lens Hood


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Product Features

  • Designed to prevent unwanted stray light from entering the lens
  • Ensures no problems with vignetting or motor functions 
  • Added benefit of extra protection from accidental impact
  • Compatible with Canon EF 200mm f2L IS lens

    The Canon ET-120B Lens Hood is the replacement lens hood for the 200mm f/2L IS USM lens. Dedicated lens hoods are designed to match the specific focal length of the lenses they are designed for.

    Lens hoods are primarily designed to prevent unwanted stray light from entering the lens by extending and shading the end of the lens. In addition, since the end of the lens is extended, you also get the added benefit of some extra protection from accidental impact.

    Designed to prevent stray light from entering the lens in order to keep unwanted glare from affecting your photographs.


    -- EF 200mm f/2L IS USM

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      • Canon ET-120B Lens Hood


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