Canon 16X Zoom Lens XL 5.5-88mm IS II
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Canon 16X Zoom Lens XL 5.5-88mm IS II


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Product Features

  • Made For Canon
  • Automatic and manual 16x optical zoom lens
  • Manual and auto focus switch with Optical Image Stabilization
  • Servo-controlled even in manual mode with slow, low-speed crawling zoom
  • Neutral density filter, free-spinning focus and zoom rings
  • Compatible with Canon XL1, XL1S, and XL2 camcorders

The Canon 16x IS II is a 16x zoom lens designed specifically for the XL series miniDV camcorders. The lens comes standard with both the XL-1S and Xl-2 and is backward compatible with the XL-1, providing improved quality over the original 16x model. Features include added servo control in manual mode, improved low-speed crawling zoom, a free-spinning focus ring and enhanced optics.

Optical Stabilization
During long takes, arm strain, focal length and environmental conditions can often make footage appear too shaky. The 16x IS II features the world-renowned Canon optical stabilization system, providing smooth shots every time.
Backwards Compatible
The IS II is completely backwards compatible with all XL series cameras, including the oldest model XL-1. The lens also functions with the new XLH1 HDV camera.

This lens resolves over 600 vertical lines to record an extraordinarily sharp image. By exceeding the DV standard of 500 TV lines, the Canon lens delivers greater visual "sharpness" through its higher sensitivity in the all-important 100 to 250 TV line resolution area. It is fitted with a variable angle prism for optical image stabilization, has an ND filter, manual focus and zoom rings, plus a push AF function.

From the Manufacturer

A key feature of the Canon XL-series camcorders (and the only MiniDV format camcorders with this feature), is the XL mount interchangeable lens system. Unlike other systems, the XL2 offers users the ability to change lenses, whether from within the XL series of video lenses, third-party cine lenses, or Canon's extensive range of photo lenses. This not only makes the XL2 a far more versatile camera, it also opens up incredible opportunities for the XL2 user.

Canon 16x IS II Zoom Lens:

  • Equivalent 35mm focal length, 16:9: 43.1 to 689.6 millimeters
  • Equivalent 35mm focal length, 4:3: 52.8 to 844.8 millimeters
  • Maximum aperture: f1.6
  • Filter diameter: 72 millimeters
  • Remote LANC control


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