Campingaz Twister Plus Gas stove
Campingaz Twister Plus Gas stove
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Campingaz Twister Plus Gas stove

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Product Features

  • The Campingaz Twister Plus is a gas cooker that is characterized by compactness, good controllability and ease of use. A practical transport box is also included.
  • The advantage of the Plus model is the Easy Click Plus connection to the gas cartridge. Thus, the stove is easily attached to the cartridge, or removed again.
  • So that the control button does not melt away, there is a heat shield which also protects the hand from heat when you regulate the flame. 
  • The pot rest is stable and sufficient for camping use. 
  • The cooker you operate with Campingaz Click cartridges as they are very widespread in France and Southern Europe. The cooker does not fit for screw cartridges (Lindalventil).
  • The illustrated gas cartridge is not included.


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