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Campingaz Powerbox Plus 24L Electric Cooler
  • SKU: CPG2000024955

Campingaz Powerbox Plus 24L Electric Cooler

$ 950.00 USD

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Product Features

  • Thicker and improved PU insulation
  • Integrated legs to create space between the ground and the cooler and thus an air layer that provides extra insulation
  • The rounded corners ensure a modern look and optimal effect
  • Cover that completely closes
  • Fan with limited sound
  • The Powerbox® Plus 24L electric cooler is equipped with 30% extra premium insulation than its predecessor. When used on electricity with the aid of an inverter, the Powerbox® Plus 24L cools its contents to 20° C cooler than the ambient temperature.
  • The improved and very quiet fan produces a maximum of 39 dB, so you do not wake up at night! The cord and plug can be easily detached and stored away when the keolbox is not in use.
  • The Powerbox® Plus 24L has an antimicrobial effect through an addition injected into the plastic. With the new and modern design, made of strong and thick polypropylene, this cooler stays cool for hours when it is not connected.


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