Bigben Gaming Headset PS4 COMMUNICATOR
Bigben Gaming Headset PS4 COMMUNICATOR

Bigben Gaming Headset PS4 COMMUNICATOR

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Product Features

  • Compatible with PlayStation®4
  • Video game headset with 1.2M cable
  • Inline volume and mute
  • Dual on ear cushions with foldable microphone
  • Wired connection
  • Stylish design with metallic adjustable headband

The headset improves communication with fellow gamers, so you will be able understand every single word even in the midst of a raging battle. It is also suitable for communication via instant messaging clients. In addition to superb voice quality, the PS4COMMUNICATOR also offers stylish design and outstanding comfort. Both sides have soft padding. As a result, the headphones fit the head well, without causing any pressure whatsoever. To ensure more comfort, the cable comes with a remote control. The controls are well distinguishable by the hand, thanks to which you can adjust the volume or turn off the microphone without even looking.


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