Beper Vending Machine Shoe Covers
Beper Vending Machine Shoe Covers
Beper Vending Machine Shoe Covers
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Beper Vending Machine Shoe Covers

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Product Features:

  • BEPER GIVES YOU THE BEST The automatic shoe cover dispenser Beper it was designed with surface hygiene in mind and ensuring greater safety of movement even with the floor that has just been washed. Ideal for use in any place, at home or in the office, but also when it rains.
  • MULTIPURPOSE The dispenser works with all types of footwear, guaranteeing even women who wear heels the serenity of being able to move on a wet surface. Practical to use without the worry of constantly having to change the type of shoe.
  • PRACTICALITY OF USE Thanks to the mechanical operation, it will be enough to insert the foot inside the machine to automatically wrap the shoe with a bag. This will help us to keep the rooms as clean as freshly washed, ensuring greater safety even for children who can play on the surface.
  • DESIGN AND STYLE The dispenser is made of ABS to guarantee its resistance to any impact of the shoes against the structure. The linear and monochrome design gives the device a minimal look, suitable for any environment inside and outside the home.
  • SHOE COVER Inside the Distributor Beper 100 one-size-fits-all shoe covers are included, made with waterproof material with ankle elastic. Beper from the very first purchase he wants you to experience freedom of movement by combining practicality.
  • Note The shoe bodies must be inserted inside the machine as illustrated in the User Manual


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