Beper Vacuum Sealer Bag roll Multi-Colored
Beper Vacuum Sealer Bag roll Multi-Colored
Beper Vacuum Sealer Bag roll Multi-Colored
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Beper Vacuum Sealer Bag roll Multi-Colored

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Product Features:

  • KEEP FOOD FRESH UP TO 5X LONGER AND MORE TASTY - These rolls have an embossed dotted design that allows for maximum air extraction, keeping your food stored airtight cooler up to five times longer than storage methods traditional. Preservation in freshness, flavor and nutritional value.
  • SAFE MATERIAL AND GREAT VALUE - Our rolls undergo internationally recognized tests to ensure that no chemicals can get into your food. Food grade / commercial grade (heat resistance, max 250 ℉ / 121 ℃). Approved for dishwasher and microwave. Reusable and BPA free, which can be used for long time food storage and help you save!
  • VERSATILE USE - These reusable rolls can be used in the dishwasher and can be used in the microwave, refrigerator or freezer and are perfect for use in the kitchen. It greatly protects food from freezing burns, unpleasant and annoying odors; perfect for freezing or storing leftovers; prevents jewelry, photographs, documents and medicines from being damaged or tarnished; keeps seasonal clothing away from dust, mold and insects.
  • SIMPLE TO USE AND ECONOMIC - With 22 cm wide and 6 meters long, able to satisfy any of your storage needs. Create an envelope by sealing one end of the roll and cutting the desired length. Since you control the size of the bag created, this can be much cheaper than buying pre-made bags.
  • ONE FOR ALL: These rolls are designed for use with all vacuum machines. No need to worry about compatibility with another brand's vacuum sealer! Feel free to use it!


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