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Belkin Pocket Power 5K Power Bank
Belkin Pocket Power 5K Power Bank
  • SKU: F7U019btBLK

Belkin Pocket Power 5K Power Bank

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  • Vendor: Belkin
  • Product Type: Power Bank
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Product Features

  • Charge One USB Mobile Device
  • 5000mAh Capacity
  • 2.4A Power Output
  • Power Indicators
  • 6" Micro-USB Cable Included
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery

Use your mobile devices longer while you're traveling with the Pocket Power 5K Power Bank from Belkin. The Pocket Power 5K comes equipped with a 5000mAh LiPo battery and a typical USB port to recharge your smartphone, tablet, or any battery-powered device. The USB port provides up to 2.4A of power to support power-hungry equipment, and a 6" micro-USB cable is included for recharging its internal battery with a user-supplied USB power adapter. There's also built-in LED indicators to notify you of how much power is left on the Pocket Power 5K.


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