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Babyliss HomeLight Connected Depilator - G946E

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HomeLight Connected Depilator - G946E

A soft skin, and for a long time.
The Homelight® depilator from BaByliss uses IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology for sustained and safe removal of unwanted hair, in the privacy and comfort of your own home.
The hairs are removed safely and painlessly, leaving the skin smooth and clear for a long time.
Homelight® can be used on the body (especially legs, arms and back), sensitive areas (armpits, bikini line) and face (cheeks, lips and chin) thanks to its special face filter.
To maximize effectiveness of treatment and ensure maximum security, Homelight® depilators can be used with the application Homelight®.


  • Clinically validated efficiency : 90% less hair*
  • High compatibility : effective on 5 skin types (Phototypes from I to V)
  • Body and face treatment
  • Very long-lasting quartz lamp (300 000 flashes / 50 complete programs)


  • Skin tolerance tested under dermatological control
  • No UV (wave lengths > 550 nanometers)
  • Painless
  • Contact sensor
  • 5 light intensity levels to fit each skin color type


  • Depilation program in 8 sessions
  • Light intensity selection guide
  • High-precision accessory (face and sensitive areas)
  • Precision mode : manual flash release
  • Gliss mode : continuous flash release
  • Large application window : 3 cm2
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Bluetooth technology for ultra-personalized treatment
  • The application offers a personalized coaching to maximize efficiency and security : individual treatment for each zone, safety questionnaire, history and reminder
  • The bluetooth connection enables optimal ease of use with an automatic light intensity adjustment and an automatic flash calculation

* 90% less hair observed on average on legs after 8 sessions. Clinical study carried out in 2013 on 43 people with Phototypes from I to V


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