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Air Hogs Ninja Bots 1-Pack Hilarious Battling Robot
Air Hogs Ninja Bots 1-Pack Hilarious Battling Robot
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Air Hogs Ninja Bots 1-Pack Hilarious Battling Robot

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Product Features

  • HILARIOUS BATTLING ROBOT: This set includes the Blue Cobra Ninja Bot! Each Ninja Bot’s silly personality comes to life with its own set of weapons and over 100 unique sounds and movements!
  • ARM: Before battle, arm your Ninja Bot! Choose from 3 weapons – nun chucks, plunger or frying pan! With weapon recognition, Ninja Bots respond with funny sounds and phrases when you arm or disarm them!
  • TRAIN: Using simple hand gestures, it’s easy to train your Ninja Bot for 1 or 2-player battles (Double Pack sold separately)! Equipped with IR sensors, Ninja Bots respond to your movements!
  • BATTLE AND LEVEL UP: As you train and win battles, your Ninja Bot becomes a better fighter! With 4 belt levels, start at white and advance to black! As you level up, unlock 14 different battle styles!
  • Includes: 1 Ninja Bot, 1 Trainer, 3 Weapons, 1 Battle Shield, 1 Quick Start Guide, 1 Instruction Sheet


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