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Adidas Push-Up Bars
Adidas Push-Up Bars
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Adidas Push-Up Bars

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Product Features

  • Ideal for building upper body and core strength
  • Lightweight, non-slip design
  • Sturdy platforms to perform push-ups
  • Supportive and comfortable, easing wrist discomfort

Push-ups are a great exercise to build upper body and core strength, typically performed on the floor. Simple yet effective, they can be incorporated into any workout, anywhere. 

Using push-up bars can offer further training benefits beyond the no-equipment push-up. The adidas Push Up Bars are particularly beneficial if you suffer from wrist discomfort when performing your usual push-ups. The apparatus enables you to exercise free of pain and lets you lower yourself closer to the floor which increases the muscle work output required. 

The handles are two separate pieces of equipment, two platforms to grip with each hand, allowing you to change the position and direction of your wrists.

Sold as a pair.


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